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  1. Nov 14,  · friggin': " fucking." That friggin' bolt won't move. Ain't no friggin' way.
  2. Nov 13,  · "Frigging" originates in the 15th Century. Originally it simply meant to wriggle or to rub. By the 17th Century it had come to mean a specific type of rubbing; maturbation. It was a vulgar word, not used in polite society, but not originally a swear word as such.
  3. Enter the Friggin' A, a big, slow-burning, low-production vitola jam-packed with tons of feisty, well-aged tobaccos. 8"x52 and teeming with flavor throughout the cool burn, giving you a seriously complex and satisfying treat for the senses that'll last over 90 minutes, easily.
  4. Figging is the practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the human anus or the vagina in order to generate an acute burning sensation. Historically this was a method of punishment, but has since been adopted as a practice of newsnesouthvadutosrobovacoparo.coinfo term "figging" comes from the 19th-century word "feaguing.".
  5. Friggin' in the riggin' Friggin' in the riggin' Friggin' in the riggin' There was fuck all else to do. is The Joker The Adams apple choker Sandra Bernhard is his twin He'd probably even poke her. The B-boy was John Rooney He was a fuckin' loony He does a rap, he thinks he's black He's soft like Gerry Cooney. Friggin' in the riggin' Friggin' in.
  6. Samantha Dessoffy of Greenville recently got friggin herpes. This is a true news story not fake news. She’s got friggin herpes.
  7. What I have found is that ambitious people have the hardest time taking a friggin ' vacation and just relaxing for a little bit. They are caught up, consumed by the goal itself, by the potential competitor who could take it away from you if you are too slow or lazy. They .
  8. rude slang An intensifier used as a milder alternative to "fucking." "Friggin'" is also commonly used. Why are you so frigging late? You'd better have a good excuse.