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  1. Sometimes it feels like the world has conspired to knock you off track and suck you into a tornado of drama. Whether you’re playing mediator for your endlessly bickering siblings or responding to yet another urgent crisis from a low-paying client, we’ve all been there. But what happens when your heart says, “Enough is enough!”.
  2. Apr 12,  · I love the way you suck that dick, lil' bitch, don't forget who taught you (straight up) all on my side, they gon' ride, they gon' ride too much time in your hands, I think I need to.
  3. RPG Codex > putting the 'role' back in role-playing. A highly prestigious gaming magazine with news and views on the latest and not so latest RPGs.
  4. Echo Chamber: The Adventures of a TV Tropes Vlogger is a TV Tropes video show. The show is about the travails of a group of tropers trying to make a "Trope of the Week" video series. Which they do. Sort of. In spite of their best efforts. Be sure to check out the rest of this season on our ShareTV.
  5. Aug 15,  · Nonsense your ex did. Now your energy is there. But if I tell you to envision your dream partner, your energy is in a more positive newsnesouthvadutosrobovacoparo.coinfo sense?If you're the type of person who burns something into their mind by writing, journal your affirmation/s.
  6. It was a side of him Ada indulged in time and time again, selfishly sucking up all he could offer. It was a wonder he hadn’t thrown her out of his life yet for being so goddamn selfish. Memories of a much younger Leon telling her to stay flowed in and out like an ocean wave.
  7. “You need to go to those meetings. I don’t care how distasteful you think they are. This is far more important than your ego.” “It’s not my ego you need to be concerned with,” Anakin Skywalkers blue eyes shifted toward the Count finally. “Anakin,” he pleaded, limping over .
  8. You realize by not burying your head in sand, you'll appear to be a part of the Family Guy audience. Dylan: Yes, I know. Wife: Dylan, please, you can't! Dylan: Somebody has to do it, Sarah. [strokes her hair and face] You run along now and you get your head in the sand. I'll be all right. [she looks at him, then cries uncontrollably into his.