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  1. Sanatorium Celebration of Exhumation: Scar Culture Inscribe: Scar Symmetry Symmetric in Design: Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress: Scattered Remnants Inherent Perversion: Fucking killer old school brutal death. I highly recommend it. Scum (FIN) Purple Dreams and Magic Poems: Seance Fornever Laid to Rest: Senses Fail From the Depths of Dreams.
  2. Released as a special tour edition, for the European tour with Fleshgore and Lost Soul. Re-released by Coyote Records, together with Internal Womb Cannibalism, including a video for "Fetus Rape".. Recording information: Recorded in March and February at Moonset studio (Sala Slovakia).
  3. Celebration of exhumation / Internal womb cannibalism – SANATORIUM Celebration of exhumation / Internal womb cannibalism CD+Mp-3 SANATORIUM. $14 USD. Fracture The Worship – POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER Fracture The Worship CD+Mp-3 Conception Of Human Madness – FUCK YOUR DEPRESSION Total Conception Of Human Madness CD+Mp-3 FUCK YOUR.
  4. With all the rage of a genocidal conquest, Sanatorium's "Celebration of Exhumation" has surpassed all expectations, delivering a hard hitting, bone grinding, technical brutal death metal album to be celebrated throughout the metal nations.
  5. Le tout dernier SANATORIUM, groupe excellent de Goresoaked Brutal Death Metal Slovaque. Ce nouvel opus-sy et un poil plus varié que le précédent "Goresoaked Reincarnation". Ce dernier n'était que pur blasts et speed, celui-ci est un peu plus groovy. "Celebration Of Exhumation" et le mélange parfait entre la brutalité de "Goresoaked Reincarnation" et le groove de "Internal Womb Cannibalism".
  6. POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - Exhumation of Sacred Impunity CD/DIGI CD $ ANAL GRIND Albums CD $ On Sale. Sevared CDs (SYPHILIC, DECEASED, ROTTENNESS etc) $ On Sale. SVIN KILLER / DRIFT OF GENES SANATORIUM - Celebration Of Exhumation/Internal Womb Cannibalism 2CD $
  7. Sanatorium. Celebration of Exhumation. Forensic Music, Rok mal asi niečo do seba. Okrem Sanatorium tu spomínam aj o pár riadkov vyššie „Black Album“ od Goreopsy. Pri oboch bandách to boli posledné albumy. Aspoň čo sa týka Sanatorium, môžem dodať to čarovné slovíčko – zatiaľ.
  8. Title: Celebration of Exhumation Label/Year: Forensick Music/ Format: CD Tracks: Desecrated - Decapitated (A hymn to Monika D.), Human Trophies, Fetus rape, Violent Intercourse, Shapeless and Decomposed, Oral Fistfuck, Born Dead, Rectum Hook Lineup: Dzordz - drums, Rado - guitars, Magic - guitars, Martin - bass/vocals >>>Order >>>Find your local distributor.