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  1. THE STAND BY STEPHEN KING FOR TABBY this dark chest of wonders. AUTHOR'S NOTE The Stand is a work of fiction, as its subject matter makes perfectly clear. Many of .
  2. it included all kinds of things, suicide by cop all sort sof things.. only recently have Irealzied that the higway shootngs in Sacramento when Iwas being harrassed by the chP were like ly caused by cops and wed and seed provoking people to shoot their psyop weed and seed people.. it also explains the I shooter a numnber of yeqars back, that.
  3. [Skwisgaar holds and looks down apprehensively at the new paint on his fixed explorer] Skwisgaar: Dey change the designs backs to black? Charles: Well, you did say that you wanted them fix it, rather than to get a replacement, so- Skwisgaar: Looks at newsnesouthvadutosrobovacoparo.coinfo aments evens matches my gears, I’s gots to changes mine whole wordrobes to’s accomidates for this new designs.
  4. He'd have to cancel all of Tim's W.E. business things, call Dick in sick to work, hope that Jason didn't have a big bust planned, and tell Damian's tutors that they could take a week or two off. Hopefully, Zatanna could reverse the whole thing before that, but she was always off world, always going somewhere else, and she didn't have the good.
  5. Ellie quickly flips through the next few pages. All have subtitles, ranging from “Characters”, “Plot”, “Themes” and many others. Dina’s handwriting is loopy and wide, and she draws little hearts instead of dots on top of the i’s, but it’s fairly easy to read. She indeed appreciates it.
  6. What a beautiful Spring-like day today! I hope we weren't lazy and did our duty at the polls. I don't want to "read" any complaining when things aren't going the way you would lik.
  7. Ironhide took a step forward. “You know I have these really cool cannons-” J’ pushed him back. “Yeah, yeah we ain’t got all day. More of us ‘bots have stuff we want to say.” Optimus nodded towards the Porsche. “You are already familiar with J Sergeant of our Spec Ops.”.
  8. I have enjoyed all comments, negative and positive; that is how we learn. I am not oblivious to what is going on in the world. I have worked for the Department of Defense for over 15 years and.