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  1. San Francisco’s Mike Wells and Mike Cadoo (a.k.a Gridlock) have set the framework for a new direction of casual chaos on their most recent release with Hymen Records entitled Formless. Blending empty spaces, crumbling percussion, and a detailed magnetic calm throughout, it’s no wonder that they’ve attracted a wide audience over the past several years [ ].
  2. "A concept album about a giant procession of spirits who travel in a huge cavalcade throughout the Middle Ages. A young witch who can see the dead leaves her home, and joins the spirits on their endless march towards the other side, and eventually becomes one with the ghosts herself." Recording information: Recorded during March-May,
  3. The Endless Procession Begin With The End In Mind Byproducts Of Stress And Boredom Drums [Live] - Mike Schron Recorded By [Live Drums] - Ben Wynn The Endless Procession Noctilucent This Little Robot's Trying To Tell You Something Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood
  4. The word “legend” is overused, but not in the case of Eric Wagner: the voice of Trouble, Blackfinger and The Skull for the last 30 years. One of doom’s most influential yet humble frontmen, Wagner is enjoying a creative purple patch at present.
  5. CD , Ant-Zen Ambre - "Le Mensonge" Digifile CD , Ant-Zen Ginormous - "The Endless Procession" Digipak CD , Hymen Celluloid Mata - "Sable" CD , Ant-Zen Mobthrow - "Mutant Dubstep vol.3" Digipak MCD , Spectraliquid Records Cell Auto Mata - "The Devil Is In The Detail" CD , Ant-Zen.
  6. Ginormous is the music of artist Bryan Konietzko. This work isn't consciously part of any specific movement, and pledges no allegiance to any particular genre. On that same note, Ginormous doesn't stand in defiance of any form of music.
  7. The final track “EPoS” or “Endless Procession of Souls” the title track is a bit of uncharted territory for Grave this song is very different from every other song on the album. No it doesn't have a different sound from the rest of the album nor does Ola use clean vocals but it is different rest assured it is.
  8. Aug 18,  · GRAVE Frontman Talks 'Endless Procession Of Souls' In New Interview August 18, 0 Comments Metal Storm recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Ola Lindgren of Swedish death.